Letter To Players, Addendum

As a follow up to our recent Open Letter To Players from 3/11/24, I want to ensure you all get a chance to read/ absorb, and put into more perspective where we are following our final Dome Workouts
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Sunday, 3/17 wrapped up 34 hours of training sessions in the Waldwick Superdome. This is 34 hours of training that was added to the offerings…we did not include this in the original program disclosure for 2023/24. We have done offsite training in the past but never to the extent or expense we did this year. Our fundraising efforts, most notably The Nerds night, allowed for this to happen financially. As a result, in my opinion, 2023/24 was by far our most successful winter season ever. Our staff learned from each other and hopefully got to know each other better. I hope you see that we are all part of the same family, and that our brand and style of play goes way beyond any one team. All teams collectively allow for each individual team do do what it does. As an organization, the Vipers We are judged collectively and in the aggregate, not as individual teams or individual players.

I think we did a great job getting to know, evaluating, cataloging and showcasing the girls and the program with these sessions. The girls who took advantage got a lot from it and a lot better, which was our ultimate goal. While we want each team to be empowered and have its own identity, we also accomplished to install a basic foundation for all teams to draw from and use in team practices. I believe “The Why’s” we do the things we do came across well and better than ever.

I wholeheartedly believe we got better as players, as coaches and as an organization this winter. Hopefully you learned a fraction from us compared to what this whole experience taught me.

We have already booked the Waldwick Dome for the 2024/25 season and look forward to expanding these sessions even more than we did this year. Hopefully we can even add a few more dates next year, raising our total hours even higher and focusing a bit more at some smaller group/ specialized sessions!

Your seasons are now upon us and our girls cannot be better prepared. Our winter training does not stop here…it continues to get deployed via games and team practices. Coaches will be demonstrating and reminding their players to implement what they were taught this winter during your season. Being a softball player (and program for that matter) is always a work in progress…we are never done!

We asked you to practice scared, and hopefully you did and continue to do so. I think we coached scared…I know I do and did. Keep this up with your teams and events. Continue to work on your own. Remember that the organization is here to help you however we can…and I hope that the teams & coaches reach out and and help each other along the way as needed too! We are all resources for each other

Enjoy your seasons and as always, thank you for being Vipers!

Bob Germano, Owner

NJ Vipers

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