October, 2023: As a reminder, any and all guests need to be approved by the Organization, both internally and externally.  Coaches cannot seek guest players without working with and receiving approval from their Commissioner. Coaches need to contact each other first prior to any player outreach.
Please note: The NJ Vipers prohibits our players for guesting for other club or private organizations.  Please see our Policies/Protocols for more details.
Re-Posted June, 2020
Please note while this is a re-post, nothing here deviates from previously publsihed and disseminated policies regarding guest play.
As we return to play in June of 2020, it is a good time to re-post & re-share our Guest Policy.
Different sanctioning bodies have their own form of guest policies…we are including a link for the USSSA policy, since that is where we play the most.  The Vipers have long had our own guest policy that we adhere to internally.  This policy is what we have implemented since inception and is what should be followed this year and every year,  as it has been in all prior years.  Any deviation from this published policy needs to receive organizational approval.  Non-compliance is addressed in a very serious manner

We are posting the USSSA Guest Player link here for all to see.  USSSA is the main sanctioned/ governing body the NJ Vipers participates with (we do others; however, this is the most common) most often and is the best one to share with our coaches, parents and players.

In addition to the guest policy for USSSA, the NJ Vipers policy, formally posted @ 6/18/19 is below:

  1. Guest players must receive Vipers organizational approval.  Guests will only be approved if we have determined no internal options exist (ie. offering the opportunity to another Vipers player first).  We do not import players or stack rosters to win trophies.
  2. Guest players must sign, acknowledge & adhere to waivers and hold harmless documents.  No exceptions.  Failure for a coach or team to do so can result in disciplinary action.
  3. Guest Players will bat last (unless another Vipers player from another team…in that case the Viper player can be inserted anywhere).  No outside guest player can bat ahead of existing rostered players.  Even if a guest from another Viper team, no existing Viper players should be sitting the bench unless a unique situation (only pitcher or catcher on the roster type thing)
  4. Guest players must play.  The Vipers do not offer a guest role to a player to have that player commit to a day, travel (usually in excess of 1 hour) to sit and watch others play.
  5. Unless the player is playing a “skilled position” (ie, catcher, pitcher), the player should be playing an outfield or secondary position.  Again, if another Viper player, coaches need to use their best judgment.  All exisitng Viper players should be rotating into the game as well and playing their primary position.
  6. While we want the guest players to play, they should not be playing ahead of existing, rostered Viper players.  An example of this is a rostered player should not be sitting a whole game while a guest player plays a whole game.  That is unacceptable, regardless of tournament round.  Reasonable and suitable substitution opportunities need to be explored and deployed.
  7. Guest players are to be given team jerseys and pants (if necessary) to ensure the team is outfitted as a team.  Coaches can obtain guest jerseys upon request.
  8. The responsibility of team members to stay in touch with their coaches on availability is critical…guests are great ways to ensure enough players are available and the team is competitive.  It is also a way to recruit players onto the team for either the current season (if available) or future seasons.
  9. The organization prohibits Viper players to guest for other Club, club like & private organizations.  We know that our players will play with their town travel or high school teams.  We have absolutely no issue with either one of those.  As stated in our player agreement, Vipers is your priority!  Anything outside of your local town program or high school team (or equivalent), if you have any questions if in contrast to our policy,  you will need to check with your head coach or B Germano.
  10. Anyone affiliated (parent, guardian, family member) with the organization cannot, directly or indirectly, solicit, recruit or engage any organization player, or potential organization player (met via an organizational event, tryout, open practice, clinic, etc…) to participate in another club or private organization activities.  Doing so will result in immediate termination from this organization.  There may always be a one off or unique situation that falls outside the intent of what is listed herein.  Any questions need to be directed to Bob Germano for clarity and approval.