2024/25 Season...Join The Club!

Hello and thank you for stopping by the NJ Vipers to check us out for your 2024/25 Season!

This page is dedicated fully to our 2024/25 Season!


We have many tryout dates set between mid-June through he end of July for all levels.  While we know we cannot avoid conflicts with every Rec/ Town Travel/ Little League or Club Tournament event, we have scheduled enough of them so that prospective members can make plans to come down and meet us.  All events start at 5:30pm for check-in and warm ups.  Simply click the link or image above and register for what date(s) work best for you.  Yes, you can come to more than one!


We proudly offer the following levels:

  • Futures (2015/16 Birthdays)
  • 10u: 2014
  • 12u: 2012/13
  • 14u: 2010/11
  • 16u: 2009/2010*
  • 18u: 2007-2009**

*Class of ’27 or 28

**Class of 25, 26, 27 or 28, Showcase driven


Season Length: 

Our membership season runs from late August through mid/late July (pending schedule choices).  Futures & 10u will end in June.


  • Fall: One. Teams are encouraged to practice 1X during the week and a weekend event. Coaches at their discretion may cancel practices based on player availability. Practice venues can be throughout Bergen & Rockland County. Field availability will drive this, as we are subject to town approvals, permits and field availability. Teams will have dedicated indoor time regardless. Teams may share field or facility time based on availability ad conflicts If there is no weekend event, teams will likely practice. This is full coach discretion.
  • Winter: Two team or level practice. Could be two weekdays or one weekday/ weekend. Organizational workouts in Waldwick Superdome from November – March (10u-18u; Futures on a limited basis).
  • Spring: HS ends when HS practices begin. All other teams will run their weekly team events until on or about mid-April, which is when Rec, Town Travel & Middle School all start up. With all of these beginning, getting Viper teams together is very difficult. Coaches will run practices on a one off basis, based on their survey of team need, availability and tournament schedules. Level practices are encouraged
    HS: Will start to reconvene about a week or so after Memorial Day. Level practices are encouraged where possible, as such conflicts arise as Awards Assemblies, Finals, Proms, & end of school events. Some HS programs start their summer seasons in mid-June, making more players unavailable. Coaches are encouraged to work with their teams amap, but also consider productivity with availability & communicate with other Viper coaches

Outdoor practices have been held in past years in Old Tappan, Norwood, Northvale, Palisades Park, Montvale, Park Ridge and other venues if available


  • We invite you to check out our current teams on our site to get a sense as to what their fall & spring/ summer schedules consist of
  • Futures through 8th Grade Levels: Spring Begins in March and can or will run into July.
    * Futures will have 1-2 benchmark competition events in the fall, and about 3 events in the spring.
    * 10u will have +/- 8 events, end in mid/ late June
    *12u/ 14u: +/- 9 events and run into July2) HS Level: practice starts about a week after Memorial day with one weekend off for Final Exams in June. # of tournaments can vary based on scheduling choices. These are booked in late fall and early winter and goes through the end of July/ first few days of August.
    *16u: could play more trophy/ traditonal tournaments, pending age level. Ex. Frosh heavy teams will play a majority of trophy events, with a taste of showcase play. Frosh heavy teams are 16u teams.
    *Showcase Teams: should plan on playing through the end of July. Starting weekend may be 1st to 2nd week of June due to HS playoffs. Another off weekend may be weekend of Final Exams. Summer events can be three days (Fri-Sun) and will take place in PA, MA and CT with overnight travel. IF you are not planning on exploring college play, or do not wish to be playing on a team with players who are serious about playing at the NCAA level, this is not for you. THE SHOWCASE TEAMS ARE HEIGHTENED COMMITMENTS. SUMMER VACATIONS NEED TO BE PLANNED FOR AUGUST…THESE TEAMS PLAYS THROUGHOUT JULY.  HS Levels may combine events due to player availability for Fall & winter sports, school events, SAT, ACT, college open houses, proms, state tournaments and showcase options and organizational selections. Showcase rosters can eclipse target roster if availability a challenge, or if organization enters new events and creates an organizational team for that event.3) One or some HS teams may choose to travel to Fla for a Late Fall/ Winter event.  This may or may not be considered par of your tournament schedule, based on elections per team.  This may include additional costs…and will carry additional travel costs

Organizational Practices: 

  • The Vipers will run organizational practices & clinics throughout the year. These are optional events, but attendance is encouraged and expected as much as possible. Events are scheduled as game/ practice schedules evolve. There is no set min or max number of these events, or pre-set dates and times. Announcements for these events will be in weekly organizational communications, social media posts and team scheduling apps to allow for players to plan and attend. Variables considered are team practice/ game conflicts, field/ venue availability, weather, and misc. other factors.
  • The Vipers will run organizational practices at the Waldwick Superdome on weekends starting November 16th, 2024 & run through March 15th, 2025. These are organizational run events, and attendance is expected. November dates are 8-10am; December Sundays are 4-6pm & 10am-12pm on Saturdays from Jan-March. Off weekends are 11/30 & 12/28.
    First Hour: 10/12u; Second Hour: 14u+. Futures TBA.

Open Hitting

There is an optional feature for Open Hitting Mondays.  Members have the option of attending, as per their own schedule at $20 per week, payable upon arrival, In 2023/24 we offered 26 weeks of sessions! Times are set up for all ages, who work directly with our coaching staff, led by Bob Germano, Jerry Mercadante & Sheila Serafin Goulding. Players get at least 100 swings per session & work with our longtime coaches. These can either replace or supplement batting lessons, if taken privately


The Vipers are exploring to provide organizational Pitching Coach(es) throughout the 2024/25 season. PC will be accessible for throwing sessions. Should a PC not be available in winter months, the Vipers open the Viper Den for open Pitching…pitchers come in and throw in these designated times, bring your own catcher (BYOC)


We do not publish our rates online.  Our costs are very competitive and represent the best value in the marketplace.  We do offer fundraising to allow our members to reduce their tuition.  All fundraising is voluntary.  Nerds


Our Uniforms/ Shop link shows our uniform/ player pack requirements, which runs about $300.  We do not change uniforms each year, so once you purchase, they are not typically recurring costs (unless you need new sizing).  We do change uniforms every 3-4 years.


Viper branded batting gloves, Sports Recruits, HS Winter League (if available)


See our Player AgreementGuest Policy, & Testimonials

Above is a Good Faith Estimate and subject to change.  Payment plans are available per your registration choices.  The organization represents its intention to provide as listed.  Should there be interruptions in play for health emergency declarations, weather, Acts of God, lack of player availability, all final decisions are at the sole discretion of the Vipers.  Uniform Player Packs may vary slightly based on availability, supply chains, delivery, shipping, etc….  Uniform Player Pack estimate is directional and estimated…all arranged and fulfilled through third parties.  These costs may change and are subject to substitution & replacement.


You received a Fundraising Packet with your Offer Letter that gives every member the opportunity to lower their annual costs.  All Fundraising is voluntary.  We do not permit individual team fundraisers…only individual & organizational.  If a player/ family wants to fundraise to, say, reduce their travel costs for a showcase event in New England, they will need to take advantage of our individual fundraisers, and reduce their outlay that way.  The organization runs a few events throughout the year that we use for field permits, coaching hires, winter training, equipment, facility operations and more….

The NJ Vipers are a registered LLC organization.