Open Letter To Players, 3/11/24

It is hard to believe that we are in March and on the precipice of a new season. You are all entering an important and special season in your softball career. By coming on board and (re) joining the Vipers in August, you made a commitment to your teammates, yourself, and the game to become the best player you can be. The best teammate you can be. We in turn made a commitment to you to deliver +1 and provide you with what we believe, is the best experience and most in depth softball experience in the marketplace.

I am proud to share that our 2023/24 delivery (to date) has been the most robust, in depth and diverse opportunity, training & experience we have ever provided. Starting in September, players have had access to the following:


Weekly Practice and Weekend event (practice, game, or tournament)
Organization Pitching Coach
Open Hitting every Monday with (at least) 3 senior level coaches
3 outdoor organization workouts run by senior level coaches
Indoor and multiple outdoor venues available, including lit fields for team practices
Scrimmage games, both team and organization run


30+ hours of training at the Waldwick Superdome, including IF, OF, PFP’s, Baserunning
Organization run and with coaches, to ensure teams are practicing on their own what is taught and covered here
Catching clinics on Sundays, along with 2 sessions with Bill Reddick at the Waldwick Dome
Open Hitting Mondays as above
Organization Pitching Coach 2-3x per month
1B clinic, 2x (once at Waldwick Dome, once by senior level coaches)
HS Teams w/ Danbury Games
Weekly team practices (w/ ability to work with other team(s) if schedule conflicts)


Video/ drill shares on website
Promotion on social media and website
Sports Recruits Webinars
Showcase camp awareness
1:1 coaching opportunity throughout, and ability to ask for additional
Private training opportunities
And more.

As a result, you should all be ready to take that next step in your career and lead from the front. This is your time to step up and serve notice that you are an amazing player who has and does work hard to prepare for the moments ahead. I can say with confidence that your coaches and I expect your 2024 season to be amazing. We have given you our best…we have coached scared. It is now your turn to go perform with what you have learned and been given. It is truly our honor to coach you.

Your teammates will depend on you, and you on them. I urge you to trust your training, experience, confidence, and develop a strong mental approach to get you through any rough times you may encounter. Whatever down patch you have, you will have them, and they will seem like forever in the moment, they will not be long. Allow your training and Viper experiences to date drive & guide you. You will have your key moments and be immensely proud of yourself when you do, then quickly move on, and look for the next one. This season should be where your dedication and investment in yourself will meet new opportunities. Your preparation will meet your opportunities.

Seniors; enjoy every moment this high school season. This is the beginning of your “lasts”. Embrace the grind…the bus trips, the hot and cold weather, the back and forth with coaches and teammates, cold dinners, rushing to an event after a game, etc…. They will all become part of your forever softball memories, and ones you look back on fondly. Set examples for the others to follow and leave your mark in a positive way. Take each at bat, play and inning as it comes, because they do not return. As Vipers, you have long been taught to let a bad play or at bat go and focus on the next one; to not take a rough at bat into the field and vice versa. Approach each game as an honor and privilege to be there because it is. The younger players on your team will be looking at how you approach different situations, and your veteran teammates will expect you to execute. Never lose your hustle. Know you are being watched. Embrace it. Love it. Honor It.

I cannot wait to watch the success our Vipers will have this year. As coaches, we are your biggest fans and will be the first to congratulate you on your upcoming accomplishments during your seasons. We are a text/ call away, so use us as you need us. We are here for you and the purpose of everything we do.

Let’s Go & Play Ball!

Yours in softball,

Bob Germano
Bob Germano

NJ Vipers


Instagram: northjerseyviperssoftball

Twitter: @realnjvipers

Facebook: njvipers


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