A Querc From The Merc, Vol3

A common sense question:

If fielders are NOT required to wear a batting helmet during a game, why are players made to wear a helmet in between innings when warming up an outfielder?  If it’s a safety issue then why not require 1st and 3rd baseman to wear a protective mask?

Week 1:

Hoping everyone has gotten off to a great opening week. Some teams have played 5-6 games others only 2. One of the reasons we encourage winter training, enter indoor tournaments and play in a winter league is to offset the discrepancies in how the high school season operates. With field and gym sharing issues, the Vipers take great pride in preparing our players to be ready when the schedule permits high schools to play.

I hope all our high school players receive all league and county recognition. You are all certainly capable. One way to get noticed is to make a great play. Here are some highlights from 2018. If you can make similar plays, you will get recognized.


Best of luck to all in Week 2

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