A Querc From The Merc Vol2


April 1, 2019

With the 2019 season starting today keep in mind, if you’re not happy with your playing time, do not get upset, don’t quit and don’t complain in front of your teammates because it starts to take away from the TEAM. Talk to your coach but have the right approach.

  1. Look your coach in the eye when you are talking
  2. Think your questions through. DO NOT ASK “Why am I not playing more?”
  3. Ask “What are some things I could work on to improve?”
  4. Ask a question that every coach would love to hear, “I know I am not starting, but what can I do to be the first one off the bench to pinch hit?”

In the meantime be the best teammate you can and do the little things to get noticed.

  1. Be ON Time
  2. Volunteer to chart pitches
  3. Warm up a pitcher
  4. Pick off the other team’s signs
  5. Be a cheerleader
  6. Smile and have fun
  7. Take advantages of your opportunities and be thankful for the chance to play and be part of a team

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