A Querc From The Merc 12/6/19

The best hitters should have a two-strike approach that differs from their 1 strike or no strike count: Choke up and shorten up on the swing. The two-strike swing is a protective, put-it-in-play type swing, especially with runners on base. Make the defense handle the ball, get runners in and as I say all the time “get your name in the paper” or “do your job”.

What is your approach at the start of an at bat? The best hitters go up looking for fastballs and adjust to the curve ball or change-up. However, if a hitter is looking for an off-speed pitch, and the pitcher throws a fastball, it is difficult to hit a ball solid. (Pitchers take note)

The best pitchers know hitters will swing at the braking ball early in the count without success may only throw one fastball each at-bat, and most likely it will be off the plate where the hitter has to chase it. The experienced hitter either knows which counts the pitcher likes to throw the braking ball, or leaves it alone unless she has two strikes.

A MLB report some years ago that compared batting averages to ball-strike counts. The overall batting average with no strikes was .345; with one strike, .320; and with two strikes, .235. This supports the idea that a hitter needs to be aggressive thinking every pitch is going to be a strike. This type of hitter is always looking for a good pitch to hit. Know the strike zone and the areas in the zone that you hit best. Again, “Do your job” “Move Runners Over” and “Get your name in the paper”

UCLA’s Approach:

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