Winter Workouts

This is a transitional time of year…some players/teams/coaches enjoy some down time while others like to stay in rhythm and continue on.  We leave this to each team and coach to manage themselves.

Having said that, the practice reps in December should be relatively easy and at a slower pace.  Have fun and keep the muscle memory going, but going full intensity is not really necessary.  This is a time of year to do some fun drills…to keep the kids together but in a loose fashion.  Jan 1 will be here before we know it and that is when the intensity will pick up.

Set the expectations properly

We did a coaches clinic a few weeks ago and coaches are always encouraged to share best practices.  EVERY coach has an open invite to watch an 18U practice at any time!

Coaches…you just had an entire fall season to evaluate your team and players.  Your practice plans should be built around specific things you need to work on.  Suggestions for all are bunting, 2 strike approaches and throwing accuracy

Players: You are expected to be at your practices.  If you cannot attend you MUST alert your coaching staff.  Players who routinely miss practices and do not clear with their coaches will be vulnerable to reduced playing time come spring.  If a player participates in a winter sport (pre-HS), please remember that they can practice with other Viper teams (coaches, just set up with each other so that the other coach is aware).  If they are in HS, that is a bit different as scheduling can get really difficult.  Coaches will work with this on a CBC basis and if there are any true concerns, please contact me for directional conversations.

I am looking forward to a great winter season.

Yours in softball,


Bob Germano

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