A Querc From The Merc, 10/30/19

Vipers 18U Premiere returned from the D9 Showcase in Orlando, FL, placed second in their  bracket with a 3 – 1 -1 overall record and finished with 3 straight shutouts. Pitching, defense and timely hitting were on display.  They hit 3 HR’s over the weekend and another off the top of the fence (oppo).  The team even managed to pull off a suicide squeeze with the bases loaded that almost gave Coach Bobby a heart attack.  They also got out of a 0 out, bases load jam vs Fla Intensity with a 5-2-3 DP and a strike out to preserve a 0-0 tie.  It was a great experience playing teams from Florida, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.  We are hoping and encourage other Vipers teams to share this experience in the future.

* * *

This is borrowed from

10 Things Teammates Don’t Let Teammates Do in Winning Cultures:

  1. Cut Corners
  2. Whine & Complain
  3. Make Excuses
  4. Act Selfishly
  5. Disrespect Each Other
  6. Divide The Team
  7. Trash The Coaches
  8. Embarrass The Program
  9. Give Up
  10. Let Teammates Down

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