Another Reason Why Greed Is Good (In Softball)

I sent the below to my team this morning.  This is one of the worst calls I have seen made in a long time.  Number one, the rule is flawed to allow the runner to be called out.  Number two, Guriel got bailed out on this; he failed to make a fundamental play and could have cost his team Game 6 (although The Nationals won anyway, thankfully rendering this call moot) and ultimately a World Series.  You need to get outs when the other team gives them to you.  There are 3 outs for a reason.  The rules never tell you how many runds you need or can give up to win on any given day.   That is why you need to be greedy and take every inch possible on the bases, in the field and when stretching for outs.  Get every run you can and prevent every run you can.  Take every base you can and give up as few as possible.

I say all the time how umpires (make a lot of mistakes) and it is on us to ensure we are in a position so that umpires hurt you as little as possible.  This is a call in the WORLD SERIES last night that could have sent the Nationals home.  A swinging bunt that goes to the 3b side. Look at the 1st baseman and how he takes the throw.  Absolutely wrong! (we have practiced this since 10U).  The umpires bailed (the Astros) out with a bad call, saying the runner was out of the baseline and interfered.  If the umpires don’t make that call he’s safe (runner should not have been out on that in my opinion) on a play that should have been an out. 

The truth is that if the 1b puts his right foot on the base and stretches the way he is supposed to (and the way you are all taught) he’s out by half a step and there is no argument.  This is what separates good teams from great teams.  Average players from great players.  Little things add up to big things.  

It’s a game of inches.  You Need to be GREEDY to get EVERY inch and advantage you possible can.  It is not even something you can debate.

The 1B is also lucky he didn’t get his arm broken. 

This is why we practice this all the time, why I continuously point it out and why it is so important: Important to not allow an umpire to make a bad call.  Important to do it right.  Important to play the game right.  Important to play the game safe.  Important to be in a position to get outs when you need to get outs.  Important to keep your pitcher and defense off the field.  Important to do what you are supposed to do.  

Bob Germano

NJ Vipers 10/30/19

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