14U Black Ends On A High Note

Our 14U Black team (2004) competed in their last tournament for the 2017/18 this past weekend.  When the schedule was made over the winter, the goal was to build the team, up and be ready to compete at a 16U level by season’s end.

It is challenging to forecast how teams will evolve when going up from one level to the next (the team was rising from 12U for the 2017/18 season).  Since there was no Nationals or State tournaments on this year’s agenda, the goal was to lead up to a 16U event.

The team developed beyond expectations.  In addition to their 14u schedule, they were buoyed by the opportunities to play in an 18U Friendly in Old Tappan (going 1-1-1),   a 17u tournament in Bergenfield (going 4-1) and ultimately finishing in the 16U Rock Fest, where they went 6-0).   Their finish was so impressive, they won 15 of the last 16 games they played.  While winning is great, the way they played, played for eachother and grew as players is what earned them their success.  The team finished with a 32-8-1 record, winning 3 tournaments and finishing runner up in a 4th (and went 5-0 in the Northern Exposure Showcase, the only undefeated team).

Coach Lont summed everything up the best…here is an email he sent to the team upon season’s end:

Hi Everyone,

I never send notes to the team! BUT – I wanted everyone to know how proud I was of the girls this weekend. It was a great team effort all weekend.  Danny Santos said to me at the end of the tournament ” I don’t think these girls know how good they are and how good they can be.”  I know we all care about how our kids do individually, but this is a team game and I’m very lucky to be able to help coach such a great TEAM.  Hope everyone enjoys their time off – it is well deserved.



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