NJ Vipers Announce Agreement To Assist With Recruiting

The NJ Vipers today announce that we have signed an agreement with a vendor service that will be available to our Freshman-Senior players for 2018/19, with an option to extend through 2020.

We have see our player’s college recruiting needs, questions and requirements change drastically over the past few years.  Further, we have seen players and parents leave our organization and be misled by others about the true role the softball club plays in the recruiting process.

As a result, we believe our vendor agreement will personalize and customize this process while empowering the student athlete to control their search and set their own requirements.  The Vipers will be able to monitor college contacts, ensure videos, personal information and whatever else is deemed relevant is being updated and that the student-athlete is doing their part to drive their own goals of pursuing a softball career beyond high school.

While we believe the ultimate pursuit and security of collegiate acceptance rests with the student-athlete (beginning in the classroom), the opportunity we will now be providing, in our opinion is a game changer.  We will be implementing with our players over the next 30 days.

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