1) Hitting Clinic Mondays. Resumes this Monday 11/7, If you are not taking advantage of these, please consider doing so. We will not offer one this Monday, 10/31 due to Halloween. When offered: Please remember these are optional and added value offerings.

10/12U: 6:45-7:45 (arrive a few mins early)
14U-18U: 7:45-8:45PM
If a player can only attend the other time, that is ok (i.e. a 14U player can only make the 6:45slot, or a 12u player can only make the 7:45 slot).
$20 at door or Venmo @robert-germano-1
We request our coaches/ asst coaches be there to assist, or ensure we have enough to assist. Preferably 5 coaches per session. Can be willing parents too…we can make them a hitting coach in a matter of minutes. This allows Coaches Jerry and I to 1) coach the coaches, and 2) to walk around and interact with/ assist as many players as possible. Some coaches have yet to make an appearance…no pressure.
We are working advancing stuff. This is not just hitting reps. Even if you are taking hitting lessons you should try and put these into your calendar
2) Upcoming Clinics: We posted on social media on 11/1:
Thursday, 11/3: First Base Clinic. 5:45pm-7pm. Viper Den.
Sunday, 11/6/22:

10am-11:30am. Outfield Clinic. NV/Old Tappan HS. Old Tappan, NJ.
11:30–1pm: Pitchers and Catchers Fielding Clinic. NV/Old Tappan HS. Old Tappan, NJ.
Cost: $0 and for Viper Players Only…FREE SOFTBALL!
3) Helmets: Are in! I made a business decision and reverted back to Mizuno…Easton just recently forecasted even more delays and we simply cannot wait any longer. Our existing helmets are Mizuno so we will be fine. For those who have the Easton Ghost, those blend in ok. If you are using any other brand, I genuinely ask that you purchase the Mizuno from us. No, we do not make any $ on these, we just want to be uniform.

I will be coordinating with coaches to disseminate these and all helmet stickers

4) Viper Open. This is the first time we have ever had any type of hand in a tournament offering, although this is like a private label for the tournament directors who manage the indoor Danbury events. Our two 12U teams will be competing during Veterans Day weekend up at the Danbury dome. There are 12 teams entered, including us. A nice branding opportunity for the Vipers and what’s really cool is, the dome approached us to do this hoping to create more demand., They have been good to us for years, including this year, so of course we agreed. I always say this thing is so much about relationships.

We will be offering our own tournament t-shirt for all the teams to purchase, that is pretty cool. Hopefully we can run some friendly events in the spring to expand on this concept. Can Sheila Serafin Goulding pick up the white courtesy phone please. Paging Sheila!!!!!.

5) Viperfest. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 11/19 We are planning a full day of Viper intramural games. This will hopefully be a very special event and humbly ask that you commit to helping us make this a success. Weather date of 11/20.

9:30-11: 10U/ Futures. Will mix and match
11:15-12:45: 12U. 12’s will be mixed into two teams…different coaches work together
1-2:30: 14U. 14’s will be mixed into two teams…different coaches work together
2:45-4:15: 16/18U. 16/18 will be mixed into two teams…different coaches work together
18U Premier will be in Fla for TNT. For those not making the trip, you are invited to come here and participate.
Parents/ families are asked to bring tents & tables of food/ drink. Cornhole, etc…. Carnival and celebratory atmosphere.

6) Team Web Pages: To date, 10U, 14U Gilligan & 16U have been received. Fall ending soon…please start this process.

Please start taking your individual and team portraits for the website pages before the fall season ends. THIS IS THE TEAM’S ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY TO DO. Best thing to do:

Ask one team parent or fan to be the photographer for the day at your games this weekend
Take individual and team pics
Send to vipersNJ1@gmail.cvom with players name, # & position(s)
7) Indoor Times Scheduled: @ 11/1/22, we are on the indoor schedule. Teams are still encouraged to work outdoors, schedule scrimmages, etc… as weather permits. Checkout our website link below for your team indoor times. Most to all field allocations expired at the end of October, so if a team is looking to go outdoors, you need to check with Viper World HQ. You can view your indoor times here:

Schedule Adjustments: Please note that while your team has time allocations in the den and/ or on outdoor fields, there can be at times an organizational need that takes priority over a team practice or event. We will always of course reschedule your event. This may not ever happen, but it could in some circumstances. Ultimately, the organization can adjust a time or event of necessary.
Conflicting Times: Further, as we approach indoor times, if your Viper has a conflict with your team’s time due to something else (HS winter sport, travel hoops games), you can always ask to attend another practice in the same or closest level. ex. a 12u player has a travel basketball game the same day/ time as her Viper weeknight practice. They can ask their coach to explore them attending the other 12u practice or, if necessary, a 14u practice. These need to be done via coach’s knowledge and need to always seek out the same level first. 10’s…seek out 12u white.
Auxiliary Offsite: I announced that we have an agreement to train in 7000 sf offsite location. We have been doing this the past few years and has been very successful. This facility, coupled with ours, makes our training the most expansive and in my view, the best in our market. We will run on Saturday mornings from 8-10am, 12/10/22-3/18/22 (excluding 12/24 & 12/31). We will offer both team and organizational training in this space. This was not in our menu of offerings and is a tremendous added value. An example of what we represent that we invest back into the kids and the program. See the offsite image below. When the calendar is ready, I will announce.
8) College Recruiting: Congratulations to Amy Psota and her commitment to UMASS-Dartmouth. We knew this is where you would end up Puh-Sota! Amy joins Grace Basil (Hunter), Sam Campos (WPU), & Bella Molina LLC (Georgian Court).

9) Vipers Pop-Up Store: Up and running. This is on our website & posted to social media. You can start shopping immediately by clicking here:

10) This weekend: 18U in the Jersey Shore Showcase. Best of luck to all.

Thank you all for being Vipers.

Yours in softball,

Bob Germano

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