10/12 Update

October 12, 2022

A few updates to share…

1) Hitting Clinic Every Monday. These have been even better than we thought they would be. We are exceeding our own expectations here. If you are not taking private lessons, or want to work on very specific items (that hitting coaches may not work on), we would love to see you.

10/12U: 6:45-7:45 (arrive a few mins early)
14U-18U: 7:45-8:45PM
If a player can only attend the other time, that is ok (i.e. a 14U player can only make the 6:45slot, or a 12u player can only make the 7:45 slot).
$20 at door or Venmo @robert-germano-1
We request our coaches/ asst coaches be there to assist, or ensure we have enough to assist. Preferably 5 coaches per session. Can be willing parents too…we can make them a hitting coach in a matter of minutes. This allows Coaches Jerry and I to 1) coach the coaches, and 2) to walk around and interact with/ assist as many players as possible. Some coaches have yet to make an appearance…no pressure.
We are working advancing stuff. This is not just hitting reps. Even if you are taking hitting lessons you should try and put these into your calendar
2) Clinic Thursdays. 6:30pm-8pm at Pal Park Field. Arrive at 6:15-ish for a 6:30pm start. If you are a bit late no worries, it is just that the time goes fast and we want to cover what we want to cover. The GPS address is Lindbergh Elementary School. 414 Roff Ave. Pal Park, NJ. As with the above, we want our coaches there to assist and run stations that we demonstrate.

10/13: Baserunning. All levels. I have seen all our teams play many times…if you are available you should be attending this. Coaches too. Kidding but not really. Our entire organization needs work on this. In the event of inclement weather, we will move this to 10/26
10/20: Pitchers and Catchers Fielding. 10U+. I have opened this up for 10U as well.
Weather permitting, we will hopefully be able to continue these into November and we will schedule on a week to week basis.
3) 12U White scrimmaging the Ravens at PP on Wednesday, 10/12. The tremendous umpire seen at the 12U Black game in PP and at the 14U Black Luca game will have the game. #bestblueever.

4) Batting Gloves & Headbands are in!. One pair per player and the gloves are at the Den. Coaches need to monitor the distribution and you are on the honor system. We should not be short at all. Those who attended Open Hitting received theirs.

5) #supplychains. Still no update on helmets other than Easton says they are working on it. If anyone can find a way to get about 50 black (est 40 adult, 10 youth) and 13 white adult ghost matte helmets, with no shipping costs let me know. We can switch the order right away. I have looked…no luck. If you wish to search and purchase your own, you can do so. Show me your receipt and I will refund what you paid me. Only caveat is it must be an Easton Matte Ghost helmet. As an organization, we do not want various brands of helmets and looks. We need to be uniform.

6) Team Web Pages: The below note was sent to Coaches 10/4 and you last week. To date, I have received updates from 10U only.

Please start taking your individual and team portraits for the website pages this weekend. Best thing to do:

Ask one team parent or fan to be the photographer for the day at your games this weekend
Take individual and team pics
Send to vipersNJ1@gmail.cvom with players name, # & position(s)
7) Hardware City: Congrats to 10U for winning the championship is Scarsdale this past weekend. Good showings by 12U Black and 18U Germano.

8) Indoor Times Scheduled: Checkout our website for your team indoor times. Most to all field allocations expire ion November. If we can sneak a few we will, but ultimately due to daylight and consistency, teams revert indoors. ALL coaches had say in the times chosen. You can view your indoor times here:

9) Mark your calendars! We are planning a Viper Day on Saturday, November 19th, weather date to 11/20. We know weather is a bit of a wild card but average temps that day range from mid 40’s to low 50’s. I used to run championship Sunday for men’s leagues on that weekend for 10+ years. The plan is a full day of Viper games, 90 minutes drop dead.

10U: 9:30-11
12u: 11:15-12:45
14u: 1pm-2:30
16/18: 2:45-4:15
Families will be asked and encouraged to bring tailgate spreads, set up tents, corn hole, etc…. Players would be mixed up., as well as coaches (ie. 12u White and 12u Black will mix and play each other, 14U White would mix with 14U Black, 16U and 18U Germano would mix and match). Jim G would coach with Jordan, Dino with Shawn, etc…. Allows kids to play with other Vipers & other Viper coaches for a day, and still all be together. All members invited.

We are always asked to do more and add more to the program. We think this will be a tremendous day and celebration of the organization.

Coaches will umpire other level games.

10) College Recruiting: All HS level players receive Sports Recruits as part of their tuition. We will be scheduling a college night and inviting all HS age parents and players to attend. The purpose will be to discuss college recruiting, how SR will help you and what timing will look like. We will get more on this out over the next few weeks.

11) This weekend: Jeff League for 10u-14u except 14u Black, who is at The Rock. 16U is in Howell. Premier is at New England’s Finest. Best of luck to all.

Yours in softball,

Bob Germano

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