Welcome To The 2018/19 Vipers

We want to take this opportunity to welcome all our players and parents to the 2018/19 Vipers.

This time of year goes from a standstill to 100 mph in no time.  From our casual and vacationing pace in August right back to the hamster wheel and rat race pace of September.  A few things to touch on here, with more communications to follow:

Vipers Today, Comings and Goings:

  • This is our first year that many of our founding players are no longer with us and have either gone on to play ball in college and/ or pursue their educational goals.  These kids were and are the foundation of everything we know today as Vipers, and we will no doubt here ghostly voices in the dugouts, on the fields and in the facility all year.  This year we will graduate our remaining founders, and will once again feel a sense of sadness and pride for their accomplishments.  Best of luck to all of our alumni as they begin their freshmen year in college.
  • We return 7 teams this year…10U, 12U White, 12U Black, 14U White, 14U Black, 16U White and 18U Gold.  We will also dip our toes in the waters of “Vipers Baseball”, as we will test a 10U Vipers Baseball team.   Overall, we will have about 100 players in the organization.
  • We welcome two new head coaches this year: Mike Doud will be coaching our 10U team, and Amanda Parker will be coaching our 12U Black team.
    • Mike was an Asst Coach with us last year at 10U and we had already tabbed him to take this position.  He spent last season learning the Viper Way and has already been a seamless transition.  Mike and the “Doudettes” are the future of the organization, so we ask all to welcome and support them however possible
    • Amanda comes to us by way of Midland Park, where she has coached their travel teams for a few seasons.  Amanda is no stranger to competitive softball, from her days as a standout athlete at MPHS to a college softball player at Rowan University.
  • We thank three coaches for their contributions as head coaches as they transition into new roles in the organization:
    • Matt Brown has coached with us from 12U through 18U.  He will join the staff this year with Coach Weis as an Associate Head Coach.  Thank you Matt for all you have done and will do for the Vipers in 2018/19.
    • Kayla Gravalis.  Kayla coached our 12U Black team in 2017/18 and has been amazing in the transition to Amanda.  Kayla will remain a part of the Vipers and assist in many ways, including a roving instructor and proving clinics over the winter.  We thank her for all she has done and look forward to her future contributions.
    • Andrew Sweeney: headed up our first expansion team and coached with us for 4 years.  His contributions are countless and we are a better organization for his being here.  We are just waiting for the right moment to recruit him back…maybe another season or two.  An amazing partner, coach and champion for the NJ Vipers.

Vipers, Fall 2018.

As stated above, we go from a leisurely pace to 100 mph in a blink of an eye.  All of our teams should already have been contacted by their coaches and either have had a practice or have one scheduled.  A few things about Fall Ball:

  • Make sure you have saved our website as a favorite and that you follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  We will communicate in as many ways as possible and will be as consistent as we can.
  • Fall ball is fall ball.  There is very little time to gear up to game shape as leagues and tournaments begin as early as 9/8.  Remember that there is a ramp up period, arms and swings need to get in shape and that realistic expectations should be set.  We doubt very highly any player is in mid-season form on 9/8.
  • The website is being updated now to reflect our current players.  We are doing this team by team.  Coaches need to do review their pages and send in mark ups so we can be update accordingly
  • We will be scheduling Profile Pictures and Team picture nights this fall so the website can be updated.
  • We will be sending an announcement under separate cover regarding uniforms.  We request that every player get at least one pair of black uniform pants.  While we hope that uniforms and gear are in “on time” every year, vendor deliveries rarely line up to schedules.  Again, more info to follow here
    • Each coach needs to collect sizes and three uniform # choices for every new player.   If a returning player is requesting a new number, that needs to be accessed as well.
  • Our 14U Black, 16U and 18U teams will all have access to our new online Recruiting collaboration.   You will be getting details on this shortly
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions.   If you have a question about something or a suggestion, reach out to your head coach or to Bob and Craig.  We cannot address, explain or fix something if we are unaware of it.
  • We will have an online store this year, stocked with some of the standby favorite Viper wear.   Stay tuned for that.
  • We sent everyone out some material on our 2018/19 Fundraising concept (if you have not received reach out to Bob, Craig or your head coach  directly).   This is a direct way for parents/ players to reduce and supplement their annual fees.   We see this as a win-win, versus asking people to sell candy bars, wrapping paper, Yankee candles, etc….  If you have any questions on this, please ask as well

Last but not least, we want everyone to feel comfortable, prideful and honored to be a NJ Viper.  This is a very competitive program and we expect a lot from our players.   We want this to be your home through your high school career and we will be doing everything possible to make you feel as big a part of it as you already are.   Welcome Home!

Bob & Craig

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