Vipers Sponsorships

Dear Parents & Players,

As the club softball arena evolves and changes (it is drastically different today than it was only 3-4 years ago), we have been brainstorming on a few things:

  • To find ways to expand revenue for the organization without raising player fees to help cover the costs that always go up to operate;
  • Find realistic ways for current players & families to reduce their fees without placing heavy fundraising burdens on them
  • Illustrate ways for future players (who may not have the financial means to participate in the current structure) to keep costs affordable

We believe we have found a solution that is simple, easy to understand and checks a lot of boxes.

We are very excited to announce a Vipers Sponsorship program!

We look forward to your involvement and engagement in doing this.  This is not mandatory by any means but hope you will all see the potential benefits.

Please contact your Head Coach, Bob or Craig for more information.

We believe you will see the win-win here that we do.

Bob & Craig

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