Thank You & Getting A +1

As our members and followers know all to well, our indoor training facility, aka “The Viper Den”, was flooded out by Hurricane Ida in early September.  You can see the pix, devastation & rebuild on our home page and social media posts.  We were back up and live on 11/1, after essentially 60 days of down time.

I want to say that during this time we were shown an immense level of love and support by so many, and we need to say THANK YOU.  We received heavy lifting help, dollar donations to assist, as well as our 12U level running a fundraiser to help us in the rebuild.  Amazing!  Speechless.

We also had other entities and organizations assist us with field and facility usage, most notably the Borough of Norwood (Thank you Mayor Barsa and the NW Baseball/Softball Committee) and NV/OT High School, led by Coaches Tom Kaechele and Melissa Landeck.

We are humbled by all of the public and private support we received.  We are also thankful for so many of the offers to help that we did not pull the trigger on, ie. batting cage access or field pursuit.  Several parents who are involved with their towns stepped up to volunteer and offer to help.  Thank you.

While we always look to deliver +1 to our customers (you), we are humbled to receive it in our time of need.

As I say all the time…I know you have lots of choices in the marketplace on what to do and where to spend your energy, softball wise and elsewhere, and we are grateful you chose us.  We are honored to have such an amazing family here in Viperville.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday everyone.

With love, humility and respect

Bob Germano


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