Some Reminders And Thank You’s

As we end our fall season, I want to thank all of our players, parents, coaches and fans for all of their efforts, commitments and support since August.  We are off to our best year yet and as I shared in our Open House, the Vipers are All of Us…we are judged collectively and are looked at from the outside as ONE!

Our coaches have done a great job and we are so lucky to have them.  Thank you for all you do.  We continue to break new ground and make adjustments and adaptations as the “industry” of club softball evolves and changes all around us.

I think that now is as good a time as any to remind everyone that as we enter our down time and get ready to gear up for our winter workouts…here are some of the things that our players and parents acknowldege and agree to as they stsrt/ continue their annual Viper journey.  I have gotten questions around some of these and related items from time to time, so just sharing here as a reminder:

  • Being part of the Vipers is an honor, privilege and an enhanced commitment.
  • Players will make as many games and practices as possible
  • We are all part of a team and that the team’s commitment to scheduled events is necessary for the team and the organization to be successful.
    • Should there be a situation where a player cannot attend a tournament, game or practice, that player (12u+) or parent (10U) will give as much notice as possible to the coaching staff directly via phone/ email text (entering into Teamsnap is not enough).  Should there be recurring situations that games and practices are missed and communication is not being held between the player and the coach, all parties understand that playing time may lessen.
  • The team’s manager/ Head Coach and coaching staff determine playing time (this includes pitching time).  Playing time is not guaranteed or will be equal for all players.
  • If a parent or player has a question regarding playing time, it should be addressed with the Team Manager (Head Coach), in a civil manner, and not ever during a game or practice.
  • Coaches are advised to NOT discuss anything game related with parents/ guardians until the “24 hour rule” has elapsed.  We have since changed this to a 48 hour rule   
  • Attendance is mandatory! Players are expected to be on time for practice, meetings and games. The team will not be able to achieve its goals and maintain a positive attitude if players are missing or arriving late for games and/or practices.
  • We state this above but it is worth repeating: the organization requires that players (12U+) contact their coach directly if they are unable to attend a practice or game.  Should a player not contact their coach directly, this may result in less playing time.

Vipers Softball is not recreation softball, where every participant is guaranteed a minimum number of innings played, that every player bats in the lineup at all times, or that every pitcher pitches in equal amounts of games, innings, etc….  Performance will be part of this equation.  Vipers Softball is a privilege and a heightened commitment.  Our objective is to play everyone whenever possible, as game situations dictate; having said that, no girl or parent signs up for club softball and attends practices with the expectation to travel all over the state (and surrounding states) just to watch from the bench while the other girls play. If a girl has been deemed worthy of making the team then it becomes incumbent upon the manager and his/her coaching staff to find playing time for all players Saturday vs. Sunday.  We will also strive to play competitive softball and there may be times when the Manager and coaches will be “unfair” with playing time in the interest of competition.

All players and parents acknowledge that their Vipers team is their primary softball team and is the priority.  They will not forego Vipers games or tournaments for softball games at the Rec, Town or Town Travel Level unless given permission by the head coach or the organization.  Coaches also acknowledge that they will not forego Viper events for other town or travel coaching duties that may be ancillary to their Viper teams.

All players and parents acknowledge that they will not play for or guest with any other Club organization and that doing so can result in suspension or termination from the Vipers.  Further, if a player chooses to try out for another Softball Club organization during the Viper season, they will be subject to restricted and/ or significant forfeiture of playing time, or perhaps dismissed from the organization.

The Vipers do support and encourage multi-sport athletes.  We ask that the Primary Sport/Primary season approach be applied…Soccer/field hockey/volleyball in the fall, Track, Hockey, Basketball in the Winter.  In the Spring/Summer, Vipers is your priority and #1 commitment.   Our Vipers are also invited to workout with other Viper teams should there be a conflict

I believe our fall season exposed some of our players and families to have some questions or perhaps need some clarification in these areas, hence a good idea to post.   This is not aimed at any individual player or family, and should be familiar to all.  Just a good reminder.

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving.

Yours in Softball,

Bob Germano


Bob Germano, Director

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