Now that our tournaments are beginning we all get to see the results of the work we put in over the winter. A few reminders:

The first few games are adjustments. Poor weather, live pitching, ball hit real time off a bat, judging fly balls, etc…. There is an adjustment period…hence why we thought the 3/26 Friendly was a great idea. Yes, we know March can be cold
Softball is not Amazon or E-bay. We do not get better in three clicks to checkout. It takes years sometimes to get to a desired level.
Coaches coach, players play, parents cheer
We will always balance playing time with the intent to be competitive. Our player agreement has our playtime representations. There are times coaches will “Cinderella” bat or shorten the lineup. That is their call
Coaches decide who plays where. They have seen all practices and run all drills, They know their players the best. They have seen the kids in Fall and indoor competition settings. Players will play where they can be most successful. As a reminder, EVERY position is important. The ball gets hit everywhere…wherever you are, be ready!
Should you feel the need to want private lessons during the season to better prepare for what you have been/ are expecting to see, let us know or reach out to a professional you trust. At the very least…you need to be practicing/ working on your own
We have been doing this a long time. There are reasons we do what we do. We have development and growth timelines. If you have questions, please speak with your coach or Bobby.
10-14U…we expect you to be playing summer travel ball unless new at 10U and sleep away summer camp was already pre-set. Our Renegades are open should you not have a home town team
There are things we control and do not control. As you evaluate your personal/ team performance, please separate out the controllable from the non-controllable.
This is a journey and the primary goal is to get better, learn how to compete and have fun. Please remember that

Thanks to all of you for being Vipers. I am humbled, honored and privileged to be able to do this.

Bob Germano


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