Indoor Workouts, 2019/20

Here is the schedule for indoor workouts for 2019/20.  Teams have the option of “double sessions” on Sundays, or can choose “bubble time” only.  For example…if 12UW/14U White wish to practice in the bubble only on 12/8, they will forego their indoor facility time.  They have the option of doing both if they so choose.  These are team specific decisons.


If a team foregoes Bubble time and does not advise the organization…they will lose their next available bubble time.

If a player cannot make a weekly facility practice (ie. a 14U White player has a high school event on a Wednesday at 6pm, they can attend the 14U Black time at 7:30 on Tuesdays or the 16/18U Times on Thirsdays at 7:30.  Just need to alert coach and ensure other time is available and we have capacity.


12/1/19 UPDATE: 10U will be on Saturdays at 9am, not Sundays at 8:30am. 

Play Ball!

Your in softball,

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