HS Winter League: Danbury, CT

In all of our tryouts, presentations and value propositions of playing with the NJ Vipers, I talk about many of the things that WE do that we believe sets us apart from our competitors.

One of the things I am excited to bring back this year is the Danbury HS Winter League.  All 3 of our HS level teams will have the opportunity to play games this winter in Danbury, CT in the Danbury Dome.  We will be playing other HS teams from Fairfield County up to Southington.  Each outing will be a DH (should be) and scheduled from December through February.

It is my belief, and I have seen this for several years, is that these games allow our players to roll in to their HS seasons in game shape and ready to attack tryouts, starting opportunities up to elite post season accolades, honors and recognition.

Each team will own a particular set of dates and backfill from our other teams should players not be available.  Obviously it is up to each player to make it or not but my words of advice are these: EVERY player needs to be maximizing their opportunities with winter games.  I am not sure why there would even be a choice.

Unless you have a winter sports game or practice, or some extra curricular event that is not possible to reschedule, players should be attending these games if at all possible.

Each player will get a t-shirt to participate.

These games, coupled with the WestRock Indoor time we have, mean you have every opportunity within your grasp to raise your game this winter and prepare for an awesome roll into spring.  Ultimately it is up to you.

Bob Germano

NJ Vipers


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