High School Tryouts Are Here!

To our HS and Middle School players: Tryouts do not end the first week of practice. Coaches are always evaluating and you never know when they are watching. Play and hustle as if they are always watching. Tryouts are never ending. Someone is always trying to take that spot.

Seniors: pay it forward. Lead by example and be the mentor and example that either someone was for you or that you wish you had.

Underclassmen: keep grinding. Remember all the things we work on all year long. You are ready and able to not only do this, but to be among the best at doing this. Do not let anyone out work or out prepare you. If you are assigned to JV…work your way up. Hustle more and embrace the opportunity to stand out. Be the leader of the group, both verbally and by example. Show you belong and make it impossible to have a program not give you the Varsity opportunity. Want the big moment when it is there for you…you are ready.

Middle School & Frosh: Keep advancing physically, mentally and grind out your seasons. School, bus rides, homework, Club/Travel practices, school activities…it all adds up to time you will have to budget and be ready for. Your Viper weekends of 5-7 games on a Saturday and Sunday have prepared you more than you think.

Hustle. Play with intensity. Be a great teammate. Someone is always watching you. Embrace every at bat, pitch and ground/ fly ball.

Love the game and it will love you back

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