High School Opening Day

We know some of our players opened this past Saturday.   While the weather looks to potentially postpone things for a day or so, we want to take this opportunity to once again wish all of our HS players the best of luck in their upcoming season.   We will be watching and keeping up with all of you and do not be surprised to see Coaches Craig and Bob down the line at a game or two.

You all worked extremely hard this fall and winter to prepare for your season.  Take it one pitch, inning and game at a time.   You are all ready to excel in your own way.

To our seniors…many of you will conclude your softball careers this HS season.  Do not take anything for granted…revel in the experience and embrace every moment & every day of it.  You are all leaders and authors of your own amazing success stories.   Use all of your Viper training but more so your individual talents and drive for success to make your season the best experience it can possibly be.

We eagerly await to watch all of this unfold.

Best of luck & PLAY BALL!!!!!!

NJ Vipers.

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