Fundraising Update, 2022/23

At the beginning of our season we offered a fundraising opportunity to our members via Snap! Raise. This was the first time we had ever done anything like this and was implemented to help offset the rising costs in our business. We did not want this to be a one size fits all and allow for those who wanted to participate. We also do not want to be professional fundraisers, or take our attention away from the game. Having said that, our efforts, for a first time were very successful:

– we had 25% of our members participate

– we received donations from 319 different donors

– funds raised exceed our goal of $20k

– 100% of net funds (less the cost of platform licensing and support) were applied to member fees

Here is how what our fundraising and fees contributed to this year’s program:

1) Viper coaching staff has grown to > 25 coaches and support staff for the 22/23 campaign. More than ever!

2) Implemented two commissioners to ensure communication, consistency, messaging and team support are delivered

3) Purchased equipment ahead of traditional calendar norms to stay ahead of supply chain and delivery issues. Equipment includes but not limited to Bownets, Softballs, Heavy Training Balls, bases, pitching rubbers, buckets, facility maintenance equipment and more

4) Allowed us to acquire access to seven different outdoor field venues.

5) Secured access to 26 sessions of offsite indoor training opportunities in a 7000 sf+ facility

6) Record high number of indoor high school winter league games spread out over 5 teams.

7) Video support for our 18u and 18u P teams to further advance college recruiting efforts

8) 14 total and 28+ hours (to date) of FREE instructional clinics & events.

9) Open pitching (free) for all organizational Pitchers and Catchers once per week January – present.

10) All time high for tournaments and competition, from fall through summer.

11) Ongoing organizational promotional and marketing opportunities as presented.

12) Ability to provide recreation clinics for local area towns at youth level.

13) Established youth / entry level (8 year old weekly introduction and training) with Coach Sheila

14) Allowed our 18u Premier team to travel to Fla for the TNT December showcase

15) Had an indoor tournament named for us in Danbury this past November for our 12U level

16) and more…

These items are not possible without the commitment and dedication of our greatest asset: our players, parents and coaches. Thank you again for all of those who chose to participate or donate. This year has been our greatest year of offerings since inception!

I look forward to building on this even more for 2023/24.

Yours in softball,

Bob Germano.

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