CoVid Questionnaire

As a reminder, the CoVid19 Health Questionnaires are to be submitted the day of any event.  If you have a practice or tournament…they must be submitted the day of.  No exception

If there is a tournament Saturday and Sunday, they must be submitted ON Saturday and again ON Sunday.  No exception.  Cannot submit of Friday, nor does Saturday cover Sunday.  Each day is a new day.

These are monitored by your coach and they will be confirming at the event or follow up with you to complete.  Players cannot take the field without it…no exception.

If a parent forgot to complete, they can do from their mobile phone in about 30 seconds.

Should a team not comply with this requirment they will be subject to loss of event(s).  These are our published protocols…completion takes <1 minute.  Part of the new normal and there is no end date in site to this.  We wish there was as much as you do…but we will move forward and make adjustments as necessary.

Saftey first.

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