A Querc From The Merc, 3/23/20

Girls hang in there, be confident that you will be back playing soon.

Now is the time:

When no one is watching

When no one is monitoring

When no one is keeping tabs on you

However just because no one can see you now, doesn’t mean they won’t notice you:

When the next pitch is thrown

When the next ball is hit

When the next base is stolen

When the next offer is made

There’s always time for rest but every day is an opportunity to get better and be honest with yourself “Am I where I want to be?”

If you answered yes then congratulations! If you answered no, then continue to get your work in.

Regardless,  stay connected with each other, stay positive and when you do work or play, take videoand send to Bobby so he can post.

#SeeYouSoon #NoDaysOff

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