A Querc From The Merc, 2/9/21

Indoor softball drills can cover anything a player would be faced in a real game, just on a smaller scale. The limited space forces players to react quicker and tighter spaces than if they were practicing on a full-sized field. As with any drill, always remember to warm up properly before each drill to avoid injury.

⚾Here is a quick video on a stretch that doubles as a strengthening exercise. I’ve always been a proponent of using bands to stretch and my daughter keeps one in her bag and uses it as a pregame warmup ritual.

⚾We can utilize WestRock to build and lengthen our throws before the snow melts and we get back outside. Please see this short video on how to properly crow hop from the outfield to make a stronger, more accurate throw and put less stress on your arms/ shoulders.

⚾Look back rule: 18U Premier got called improperly for a violation this past summer in a game that cost us a win. While coaches and players are well versed on the rule it’s always good to review it not only from an offensive but a defensive perspective.

⚾Make sure all rules are covered at the plate with the umpires BEFORE the game starts, confirm the length of the game; whether it’s drop-dead or finish the last batter, how many batters are allowed in the lineup, who is allowed to pinch run, and whether there are open substitutions on defense. These tips will not only help coaches manage the game better, but they can make sure they get every player into the game.


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