A Querc From The Merc, 2/13/20


As softball players, you shouldn’t make excuses for why you haven’t practiced enough. You must commit the time to get better and be better than your competition or opponent.

Focusing on quality, not quantity, is the first step in becoming the hitter you want to be.

Try this softball hitting routine when you are taking your 60 swings! The below routine is a tee example.  You can incorporate soft-toss or live pitching as well.  Every practice session can be different, this is just an example of a softball hitting routine.

5 Swings:50% effort, focusing on being smooth and rhythm.  The ball flight isn’t as important here as getting a feel for your swing.

5 Swings:Top hand only on a short bat or choked up.  50% effort, focusing on hitting the ball on a line.

5 Swings:Bottom hand only, same as above.

5 Swings:Both hands choked up, 75% effort.  Ball should have solid flight without too much air or hitting the ground too soon.  Really pay attention to hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the bat.

5 Swings:No stride.  Keep your feet wide and focus on a good load and smooth transition, swinging with just your hands.  75% effort.

5 Swings:Stride or foot tap (whatever your normal swing is).  Ball should be set up to be hit up the middle and belt high. 85% effort.

5 Swings:Normal swing, ball should be set up on inside half, belt high.  Focus on driving over SS or 2B depending on which side of the plate you’re on.  85% effort.

5 Swings:Normal swing, ball should be set up on outside half, belt high.  Focus on driving opposite way over SS or 2B accordingly.

10 Swings:Tee set up middle, belt high.  100% effort, driving the ball as far down the cage without hitting any nets except for the back.

10 Swings:Leave this set of swings for you to work on what you feel least comfortable with.  For some that might be in, or down, or up.

Work on what you need to work on, but remember, it’s about quality, not quantity.

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