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We are always looking for pictures, recaps and tidbits that happen with our teams at tournaments, practices and team gatherings.  We want to post and push out as much information as possible regarding the fun, success and antics our Vipers get into during the season.   Please send any information you would like to see posted/ tweeted, etc… to  We will do our best to get as many up as possible.   Picture, caption and quick description will help.  Please see our Instagram feed for many organizational pictures, highlights and happenings!

BG Guiding Principles

 Know the Role of a leader. Our job is to provide the knowledge, tools, roadmap, and resources for players / coaches/ teams to achieve and exceed their goals. If they fall short, coach them how to get there.

Our members buy the experience and the journey. Not the product or the price Coaching is as much about listening and observing than it is telling.

Be transparent and communicative. In the absence of proactive and truthful communication, people will create their own narratives that can vary greatly to what is actually happening or being worked on.

Be confidant but humble. We do not know everything. It is ok to ask for help.

We are judged collectively and in the aggregate. Competitors see us as an entity, our members see us as people.

Do not micromanage. If a coach or player is struggling, coach them and train them. If they do not get it or are incapable of getting it, we need to do them a favor and either put them in a position to better succeed or have them go elsewhere so they can be happy while we find the right situation for us.

You are a leader and must act like a leader. Every word and action will be highly scrutinized. Every touch point is an opportunity to create a Raving Fan!

Evangelize the Vipers every chance you get.

Act professional, respectful, communicate and be good at follow up. Manage scared…scared you may be unprepared for something.

Create a program you would want your child to be a part of.

Our goal is empowered teams and coaches (w/ accountability) that embody our culture, practices, philosophies, and mission statements.

Always give credit to coaches, players, and parents. We not I. Us not me

We are in business because of our players, parents, and coaches. There is no Vipers without them.

Servant leadership. We are here to serve our customers. Ultimately, we are a customer service business.

Complaints or concerns are opportunities. The quiet ones are the ones to worry about compared to what?

Awareness of who we are is not an issue…we must show and demonstrate every day why we are different. “Closest/ Cheapest/ They Are All the Same” cannot enter into how we are evaluated by our customers.

Do what you say and say what you do.

Our biggest threat to our experience/ journey? Apathy.

Our assets are 1) players/ coaches/ parents, 2) relationships and 3) reputation.

Retain and engage players and families by making the Vipers an incredible place to be and play.

Look at the Big Picture…we are long term focused.

Create an environment where players and parents cannot imagine their lives without the Vipers.

We are either getting better or getting worse. It is ok to question the status quo in our never-ending quest to get better. Continuous improvement is a mindset that must be front and center.

Never get bored with the basics…they are boring but that is where greatness grows from be good on purpose.

As coaches and leaders, we must help each other and capitalize on each other’s strengths.

Share best practices and what has worked or not worked in the past with all coaches and leaders. Utilize the resources, tools and relationships that are available for you.

If there is something you need that we do not have, ask. have fun.