June 22nd…Return Target

As you plan on getting Bobby a birthday gift on the 25th…our gift to you is that we expect to return to the practice field on 6/22. We are still working out logistics on field access…many towns, municipalities and county parks have not even started to consider opening up their space. We will be on this. If anyone can assist with field access, please let Bob know at 201-697-9834 or

Here is part of todays announcement from the coalition we adjoined.

As many of you have already heard, Governor Murphy’s office has reviewed our proposal “Restart Baseball/Softball Responsibility” and will allow practices to resume as of 6/22. While we were hoping for practices to resume much sooner, a small win is still a win and we will take whatever we can get at this point.

We want to thank everyone in the NJ Baseball Coalition and our staff who worked endless hours in preparing guidelines and getting it to the right people. We are not done yet!

Please know we are working on setting up an additional phone call with Governor Murphy’s administration. We believe along with many of the key members of the NJ Baseball Coalition that we can make an attempt to push for baseball/softball to have its own carveout as we clearly do not have the same challenges as the other sports. This is still a small victory we we have a starting place.

Updated League/Tournament Dates:

The next hurdle will be locking in a date for games to resume for league and tournament play. Quite frankly, we need hard dates to work with so we can allow our teams time to prepare and we will not stop fighting until we get them. We will send an update after the weekend.

We are calling on all towns, counties, and schools to open up their fields by June 22nd:

The big question we get is about fields. Many are struggling with getting access to their fields as many towns, counties, and boards of education have shut down “until further notice.” We are hoping with today’s announcement that this will change.

With that said, it will not change without some pressure from the baseball/softball community. Please reach out to your town or board of education to encourage them to open their fields! The baseball community needs the fields to open up so we can do this safely and responsibly. The last thing we want is a logjam of practices or games because only a few fields are opening up.

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