Indoor Schedules If Inclement Weather

We have posted the weekly practice schedules. Please note that there are still some degrees for variables here. What we have shared with you and/ or the coaches:

The practice schedule is what was created considering several factors and all teams
There is no perfect schedule.
Accommodated every team’s night of preference
All field addresses are in the practice document
Communicated to coaches and parents several times the venues we have accessed…we are continuing to try and access more if possible, but this is what we have to date. (most fields we have ever had)
12U Bl and 14U Cowley will work week to week per Hogan availability. 12u Bl will default to the Den if no field access that week (Although we think this will work out). Shawn and Jordan will advise on standard night once field is locked down.
If inclement weather, teams will have to do one of the following:
adjust practice time to den access that eve so all teams who had practice that eve can get time (Liz Germano runs these times), and/ or
change their night to practice ; subject to player, field and/ or den availability, and/ or
cancel and go to the following week’s schedule IF no other viable option
Den times will allow for youngest teams first
Teams can horse trade times if desired
If a team is not going to use on a designated night, THEY MUST ADVISE.
For field access, we are balancing travel time & fairness AMAP to ensure all teams can get access to field space and limit travel
Wyckoff field access (F4, back left) also includes batting cages
We can get NVOT Thurs-Fri, however not until 6:30pm.
Bob Germano

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