Fundraising Available Again For 2023/24

The Vipers are proud to announce the return of our Snap! Raise fundraiser for 2023/24. This is an opportunity for our families to reduce their annual costs by participating in this program.

This does not involve shaking a can outside a store or traffic light, selling baked goods or some other product nobody really wants.

The below link is a summary of our Snap! Raise fundraiser from 2022/23. We will run it back the same way for 2023/24. 100% of your net proceeds get applied to your membership fees.

More information to follow soon.

Fundraising Update, 2022/23

Further Commentary:

I often mention how I obsess over market evaluation, positioning and where our pricing and offerings stand in the marketplace. Having said that, I decided a long time ago that the brand, menu of offerings and “+1” approach cannot be sacrificed strictly for pricing. Our goal is to provide a +1 softball experience at a price that is commensurate with our offerings. Our goal is not to be the lowest price in the market (although with this opportunity some folks will reduce pricing to the lowest in the market). There are so many costs associated with what we do, and it gets more expensive every year. The market does not need another average softball club, nor do we plan to be one. Personally, I believe that we set the standard in many ways and our competitors look at us as they set their own compass.

My obsession over price points coupled with value keeps us focused here on balancing all. We truly manage scared. We want to grow our offerings while keeping our price points within range of what the market allows.

To showcase my commitment to keeping the costs to our families and members as low as possible, we are offering a fundraising platform that will assist you in lowering your overall costs. This is totally voluntary so if you opt not to participate, that is certainly your choice to make.

Dates: This will run for 30-day window only from late August to late September.
Vendor: Snap! Raise
Proceeds: 100% of your net proceeds (funds raised are net 80% of all monies raised; Snap! charges 20% for its licensing, technology, support, and marketing) will be applied to offset fees owed or paid in full. Distribution of funds raised may take up to 30 days to be delivered, so if the fundraiser ends on 9/25 for example, it may take until 10/25 for the Vipers to receive all proceeds and get a full accounting.

We will offset your fees with funds raised upon our receipt. The Vipers will refund only to those who have paid in full, or whose balance owed is less than what was raised. All other money will be applied to a future installment.

You can also donate all or a portion of your funds to the Vipers, or divert a portion to be applied to the Nerds Fundraising Dinner on 11/9/23.

If a player’s membership is terminated, no refunds will be provided from fundraising. All funds raised are donated to the organization.

Next Steps: You will receive an invite from me to set up your dashboard and campaign over the next few weeks.

You will be able to track the progress of you campaign 24/7.

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