Drills For The Week, 5/4/20

Wall Drill.  Allows you to focus on your rotation and hip turn.  Hints…

  • back foot slightly turned in
  • pull your hands in
  • drive your back knee/hip towards the pitcher
  • Head Down
  • Use an old bat!


Bucket Drill.  I like the way they break this down…

  • Left foot should end up even with ball at time of contact
  • Love the getting up on the back foot to simulate THE LOAD
  • Bend at the knees mostly, not as much at the waist
  • Keep that back foot slightly turned in to allow you to explode through the ball


Bucket Drill, Soft Toss.  See above…adding the following

  • Toss a bit from a front. 45 degree angle
  • Watch the weight shift…keep the hands, weight and head back
  • Stay behind the ball
  • Start with telling locations…then progress up.  Start all down middle, then inside, then outside, up, down, etc…


Soft Toss, Middle/Inside/Outside.  I would love to coach with Coach Candrea…he is AWESOME.  He shows soft toss here the same way we do.

  • 45 degree angle.  Coach goes to front hip…we go between front hip and belly button.  His players are elite and all in the top .5%. We are way earlier on the curve
  • Look how he shows middle, inside and outside approach.  Those who have worked with me know how I obsess on this.  If you work soft toss at home, you should be doing this every time.
  • As coach says, it is about quality swings, not quantity.  Do not rapid fire.  Let the hitter get set
  • Top/bottom ball.  Forces hitter to stay back and keep head straight.  Up to you if you wish to do this one…I usually do not.  There is value to it, your call.


Yours in softball/baseball,

Bob Germano, NJ Vipers



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