Content – You Are Our Eyes & Ears (& Camera)

We are very interested and excited about promoting our teams and players.  We are always asking for content, clips and photos from our teams and parents.  Believe it or not, we receive very little and post 99% of what we receive.

We have so much good play happening weekly on the fields we are on.  We have so many good players and fantastic coaches we need to highlight as much as possible.  We are as proud as you are.

We are asking & hoping each team can  designate a “media” champion and pass along game/ event content for us to post.  Ultimately it is up to each team to own this as we cannot be present at every game or event.

A clip / image and quick description of who/what/where/when would be great.  Can send to Bob directly.

If you are posting to your own social media pages…please tag us so we can comment/ re-share.

Thank you

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