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A few items I wanted to share with the group as we enter this weekend:

  1. Good luck to all who are playing this weekend.  10’s in League Play, 12U in both or either league play or Monster Brawl, 14U B & W in League play and 16/18 in Mt Laurel (where we know there is no river).
  2. Open House is on Tuesday, 10/15 (BYOC).  We will start at 7pm sharp (please arrive earlier) so we can get out to watch the Yankees game.    We are hoping to see as many of you as possible.  Players are welcome to come…I strongly urge the players from 14U+ to attend as we will be discussing how we create a path to play beyond high school.  I love this opportunity to get to meet and see all the parents and you get to hear directly from me and some of our other leaders.  One of my favorite times of the year.
  3. Viper Visors For Victory: Many of our older players who went to Nationals last year received a Vipers visor as part of their National package.  The visor has now become a staple in their viper wear and worn during games.  One of our coaches asked if they can order them special for their team.  Instead of doing that, we opened a Visor sale that will run through 10/29/19.  You can order direct and they will be shipped directly to you.  If individual teams want to bind together to have them for a team look, that would be really cool.  They are a “tight ‘fit”, at least that’s what one of the kids said (meaning they are a cool part of your outfit).   They are $25 and can be ordered here.
  4. If you are not doing so, please know that we are regularly posting items to the “News” section of our website.  It is a lot like checking a stock…no need to check it every day but try to do so every week or so.  In addition to updates, we try to post things we believe our players and families will find interesting.  We recently spoke to a vendor who shared that our website is probably one of if not the best they have seen in the club space.  Nice to hear

Looking forward to seeing you guys…have a great weekend

Your in softball,

Bob Germano

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