A (Sold Out) Night With The Nerds

Nerds Fundraiser, 11/9: SOLD OUT
Thank you to all who are helping and/ or have helped support our efforts for this event. This will be an epic evening!

I have received some questions and feedback regarding this event, and have been very communicative, proactive, promotional & transparent about this going back to our tryout dates and season kickoff. I want to reiterate to ensure all are aware of the steps taken to get here:

All participation and support for this event is voluntary. Nothing was mandated. There was no minimum raise per person.
We did ask each team to donate a gift basket to raffle, which amounted to about $30 each. There was nothing punitive if there was an opt out to participate. Thank you for donating to the baskets for all who did.
Some teams/ members donated additional items on their own and at their own expense. Thank You
All players benefit from this event, regardless of participation level.
Individual fundraising was addressed via Snap! Raise in August & September. Again, participation was voluntary.
All teams were represented on our event fundraising committee. Committee members have provided input, feedback, recommendations & ideas.
The committee was updated along the way as action & delivery items moved forward
Our purpose and fundraising goals were clearly stated and outlined on a repeated basis to parents, coaches, prospective & returning members.
This event was highlighted in our weekly newsletter for 3 months.
The purpose of the event is to raise money to further the opportunities and experiences provided for our families and players, while allowing us to keep our fee structure in tact and consistent with prior years.
Proceeds are helping offset the costs** of:
28 hours of indoor training, including 16K+ sf of space at The Waldwick Superdome, for dates in November – March
New turf will be installed in the facility towards the end of November
A new hitting net to replace the existing “22” cage
Trace Cameras have been provided for all 3 18u Showcase teams
New softballs, bownets, heavy balls, pitching rubbers, buckets, etc…
Hired and/ or retained several independent coaches at various age levels
We have partnered with Valley Charities of NJ for this night. Valley Charities is registered as a 501 (c)(3), approved by both the Internal Revenue Service and the State Of New Jersey.

For those who are unable to attend the event, we look forward to sharing the highlights with you. Stay tuned!


Bob Germano


** Funds raised at this event do not cover all of these costs dollar for dollar. The Vipers are absorbing approx 75% of the costs listed above…the fundraiser helps chip in a bit but most importantly allows us to have some fun and interact with our members, fans & supporters and celebrate all that we do!

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