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I was speaking to a parent at a rival organization this past weekend at the Headfirst Honor Roll Camp who made a comment about how their organization does not have a real website.  The parent went on to say how challenging it is to get information and asked “why don’t any clubs have real websites?”


I responded to say that I cannot speak for other organizations, but we put a lot of pride into ours and push information out for all to see.  We probably should protect a lot of it as proprietary, but really once someone leaves they can bring with them whatever they learned here.  The trick is implementing and integrating it.

I also ran into a parent who played here a few years ago.  They shared their frustrations with their child and guests.  I responded with “we put our guest policy right online for all of our members to see.  They can ask any and all questions from there”.

Some of the links we recommend to visit frequently:

Policies, Protocols & Disclaimers

Be Our Guest: Guest Policy

Training & Videos


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