Vipers & The Jennie Finch Tournament @ Diamond Nation

We want to wish all of our parents, players and coaches the best of luck this upcoming weekend at the Jennie Finch Tournament.   This is one of the highlights of the year for our players.  Take a breathe, enjoy this while you are there and soak up everything you can about the experience.

The thing that always touched us is to acknowledge how we are part of something much bigger.  You get to physically see how we are a nice piece of this softball culture.  All the different teams, the team names and various skill levels all come to one place.  It is almost like a Disney atmosphere at times.

We have twice had teams reach the semi-finals in this tournament.  Perhaps the toughest one there is to win…tougher than a Nationals tournament (in our opinion)

Enjoy the hotels, the pools, pizza parties, autograph sessions and the games.  We promise the kids will look back and remember the experience more than anything else.   Enjoy it!

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