Vipers Announce Varsity House Strength & Agility Program

Each year since our inception, we are asked about providing a Strength and Conditioning (“S&C”) program for Viper players. We have attempted this several times and ways, with mixed results.

In this year’s Vipers survey, “S&C” came back as a common feedback item. I went back and reviewed all previous versions, spoke to several folks, and did research and outreach. As a result, I am proud to announce an arrangement we have with Varsity House Gym in Orangeburg, NY.

Varsity House has been open since 2006. They have trained thousands of athletes just like your kids over the last 18+ years. They have built a reputation as being one of THE best privately owned strength and conditioning facilities in the country. We believe aligning ourselves with an organization like Varsity House is smart, strategic and provides our players with what they are asking for. We believe Varsity House is the best at what they do.

I have been speaking with Varsity House about timing, scope, structure, etc…. Here is what I am proud to share today from a fellow Varsity House Youth softball player turned coach…our Performance Director, Alex Pleasic. Here are few things she wants to share with you:

“I was like many of your daughters not too long ago. I played competitive softball in high school, and it was a big goal of mine to play college softball. I achieved that goal and played 5 years of collegiate softball at the University of Rhode Island. I know what it takes to get to and then play at the college level, but more importantly, what it takes to build skills and character on and off the field.
I made it my mission to come back and work in private sector sports performance to help younger, like-minded females achieve their dream of playing sports at the next level. At Varsity House, I have trained hundreds of female athletes, specifically softball players. Their training needs to be consistent with injury prevention, mobility, speed, power, and repeated strength to be able to withstand the long seasons of softball. I look forward to working with you and the NJ Vipers!”

I look forward to the addition of Varsity House in our program.
The Vipers have shared details with all members about this, how to sign up for more information and pilot offerings. This is voluntary and paid outside of the Viper membership fees…each member will contract on their own with VH.

We look forward to this cooperative arrangement and looking forward to our Vipers becoming better, stronger and faster!

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