To Guest Or Not To Guest…Or Solicit

We have received some inquiries about our guest policy.  Our Guest Policy can be seen here

We would like to add a bit of commentary here.

The organization prohibits Vipers players to guest for other Club, club like & private organizations.  We know that our players will play with their town travel or high school teams.  We have absolutely no issue with either one of those.  As stated in our player agreement, Vipers is your priority

Anything outside of your town or high school team (or equivalent), if you have any questions you will need to check with your head coach or B Germano.

What also needs to be noted specifically here is that anyone affiliated (parent, guardian, family member) with the organization cannot solicit, recruit or engage directly or indirectly, any organization player, or potential organization player (met via an organizational event, tryout, open practice, clinic, etc…) to participate in another club or private organization activities.  Doing so will result in immediate termination from this organization.

There may be a one off or unique situation that falls outside the intent of what is listed herein.  Any questions need to be directed to Bob Germano for clarity and approval.

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