North Jersey Vipers Results: 9/29-30 & Upcoming

For those of you who are looking for how your favorite Vipers did this past weekend, here is a brief recap:

10U: cancelled due to field conditions.  Games will be made up on a TBD date.  Too much rain last week rendered the fields unplayable.  Will be in Bergenfield this coming Friday

12U White: Idle.  Fields unplayable and games cancelled.  Did practice at Kennedy and work run downs.  Next up: 2 on Sat and 2 on Sunday to make up games.

12U Black: Winner of the Scarsdale Tournament (picture below).  They overcame some illnesses this past weekend that left them at 10 players and rallied to get the #2 seed on Saturday and run the table on Sunday.  Congratulations to this group for coming out and swinging (literally).  Coaches Scott and Steve piloted the group all weekend and as we say often, we are so lucky to have them.  This weekend they will be in Jefferson League play on Saturday and

14U White: Played their first tournament with Coach Sheila.  As with the 10’s, rain rendered the fields very challenging; games were pushed back, shortened and reduced to two Saturday games.  While Sunday was a one and done for them, it was a good weekend to get the kids out there playing together.  The energy was good and the girls enjoyed themselves.  It will click for this group and it will be fun to watch.  Will be in 17U Ugals this Sunday in Bergenfield

14U Black/16U: Combined to go 3-0 for a Saturday friendly and split a DH on Sunday with the Ha-voc.  Overall our girls played very well, especially Sunday against what was  the best competition we have seen so far this year.   This group is playing winning softball and all getting reps every week.  This blueprint works and will continue.  Next Up: Spina Bifida Charity Tournament: combined on Saturday; Separate on Sunday

18U: idle

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