A Querc From The Merc, 11/12/20

As a supplement to our Vipers Organizational Catching Clinic, this video is a great reference and a way to stay refreshed. USA National Team Catcher Ashley Holcombe gives tips and demonstrates proper catching stances and pitching signs.


With the fall season coming to a conclusion, we are extremely pleased with all the tournament wins, championships, league runner ups, and overall progress of our teams. We were fortunate to have so many dedicated coaches, players, and parents and the future continues to look bright.

If the fall taught us anything in this weird 2020, I have highlighted 7 areas that our players continue to learn and develop:

  1. A No quit attitude: never give up and play to the final strike and out
  2. Teamwork: working together for a common goal is a lesson that you will utilize whether it’s running a household or running a business
  3. Patience: Nothing comes easy or right away. Keep working to achieve your goals
  4. Hardwork: Never miss out on an opportunity to get better
  5. Sportsmanship: You are representing the name on the front of the jerseys, not the back, which is why we don’t have names on the jersey. Play hard but respect the game
  6. It’s ok to fail: the best hitters only get 3 hits out of 10 at-bats; don’t settle but don’t get discouraged
  7. Life is not fair: Nothing is given and nothing should be taken for granted. Don’t like your results or amount of playing time? Then get better

a bonus area…Don’t question the veteran!

When winter Training resumes, be thankful for the Viper Den and the time we have secured at Westrock Tennis Center, which will provide ample opportunities to get better and improve.  Play Hard & Play Safe!

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