In A Perfect World, We Would All Be Vipers (And We Are)

When we founded the Vipers, one of our goals was to be able to watch our players compete against each other in very important high school games, especially county and state tournament games.   We had that goal and vision when we had one team.   As our program has expanded, we have had countless opportunities to see this happen.   We have been at so many games where we root for our players as much as we root for NV/OT.  We have found ourselves traveling to see other high schools play just to see our Vipers compete.

On May 20th, we asked our High School age Vipers to come down for an organizational picture.   We were so caught up with emotions & pride as we see our Frosh levels all the way up to our graduating seniors.   It brings us so much joy to see what the Vipers has come to mean for so many people.   Our players, parents and fans have integrated us into the Bergen County and Lower Hudson Valley softball culture.

The picture here is so awesome.   While we are missing about a dozen girls from this picture who had commitments and/ or high school practice they could not break or miss, you can see that if there is a high school game going on somewhere in Bergen County, the odds are tremendous there is a Viper in the lineup and is probably 2-2 with a walk.

All of our love, respect and admiration,

Bob and Craig

We Are Vipers! HS’s Represented: Hawthorne, NVOT, Mahwah, Ramsey, Fair Lawn, Bergen Tech, Waldwich, Midland Park, N Highlands, Passaic Tech, Tenafly, Hackensack, NV Demarest, W Milford, Ridgefield, Dumont, Cliffside Park

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