High School Season Wind Down, May 2019

I sit here today and look at what the NJ Vipers has been able to do over the past several years.  This has been a pleasure to watch and something way beyond anything initially drawn up.

Several weeks ago we posted a picture of 37 of our 44 high school players (7 were unable to make the picture) wearing their high school uniforms.  I got the idea to do this last year when seeing one of the old American League All Star Game photos from the 1970’s.  Seeing a team of all stars representing their teams and cities has always been one of the greatest things about the all-star games.  I believe we have a stable of all stars as well, and hence, why we took that picture.

I, along with many of our coaches who have been here for several years, believed 2019 to be our strongest group of high school players (Frosh through Senior) since our formation.  2018 saw many of our founding players playout their senior seasons and that held many special moments.  While we knew that was a strong group, our groups coming up were very deep and had been with the program since they were 9 or 10 years old.  Our current group is also the most geographically diverse we have had, hailing from all over the northern NJ/ Rockland County area.

As the season started playing out, we would see our players all over the high school box scores.  One of our main goals is to prepare them to play for their high school programs, so they can chase down making Varsity, starting, and chasing league, county and state championships for their school and community.

We have been able to see a large sample of our players compete in league games, county games and state games this year.   I would find myself going to a game where my daughter Raegen is pitching against Viper teammates and I am congratulating their parents for their daughter getting a hit.  We are all family here.   From this we coined the phrases:

  • We make softball players, just check the box scores
  • Playing at a high school near you
  • We are everywhere (#weareeverywhere)

This year’s County Tournament has been very special for the Vipers, and for me.  Last weekend, we got to see 23 current (30, if you count former players) Vipers compete in the Bergen County Semi-final matchups between NV/OT, IC, Ramsey and IH.  For this week’s upcoming final between Ramsey and NV/Old Tappan, we will have 18 current Vipers competing for the county championship.  One of the goals since inception was to see our players populate the county tournament…it is amazing to see 18 current players in the final game.  I was fortunate enough to compete in one county final as a high school player…an experience I reflect back on all the time.  I am lucky and ever so grateful my daughter Raegen will have that opportunity to be on a team that has advanced that far.  I am very happy they are opposing a team with so many good friends and kids I have gotten to know over the years.

The accomplishments of our players are a testament to their commitment, hard work, sacrifice and willingness to learn.  They are all great softball players and more importantly, they are great young ladies.   I am honored to have them and their families as part of the organization.   They are the organization.  We teach them to put the team above themselves, treat others with respect, demonstrate sportsmanship, be a great teammate and play the game right.  There are countless life lessons mixed in here as well, and I am probably most proud of those.

Congratulations to our players whose seasons have ended…I watched in person, from the box scores or from folks I have spoken to who were there.   For those still competing: play hard, play with respect and do your best the rest of the way.  Leave it all on the field and do whatever roles your coaches ask you to play.  Championships are about team wins and contributing when asked to do so in whatever way asked to do so.  There are no egos at this time of year.

Over the next few weeks we will see all league, all county and post season honors.  I am very excited to write about and rightfully honor those recipients in this forum.

As for those who will be entering high school next year or in future years, your journey has begun and continues now from whatever age level you are at.  This story will be yours to carry forward and author when it is your time.   From our 10’s through our 2005’s, we will be there for you the way we were for those who have come before you.  Then you for those who have yet to get here, and so on.

I am looking forward to the high school season concluding with as many of our kids as possible having great experiences the rest of the way.   Lastly, I would not be fully forthcoming if I did not say I was looking forward to getting back together with our players as soon as possible, so we can continue this journey through Vipers Softball and beyond.

To wait another week or so will be easy as I watch their successes the rest of the way.

Yours in Softball,

Bob Germano


Our 2019 HS PLayers Picture…37 of 44 players were able to attend

Below is our turnout for the 2018 HS picture.  We probably drew about 70% of our players due to late season practices and team HS team events

We Are Vipers!

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