Germano Family Scholarship Enters 31st Year

The Germano Family Scholarship has been providing college and athletic scholarships to both baseball and softball players for the past 30 years. Awards were founded and primarily earmarked for baseball and softball players graduating from Park Ridge High School (NJ) to assist with college tuition. My family is from Park Ridge and that is the community both my parents made significant impacts on kids in both the sports and youth programs there. We have expanded the scholarship’s reach in recent years to provide support for kids and families who would find it very difficult to either participate or continue their athletic and/ or academic careers without support. We want to do all we can with the resources we have to ensure no kid is left behind, especially with situations beyond their control.

With our family’s ongoing and deepening involvement in youth softball in the Northern NJ and surrounding area, we recognize and experience firsthand opportunities how our scholarship can help and assist the eventual recipient(s). We are honored and proud to help wherever we have been able to do so, always ensuring our founding premise and the award’s core values are at the heart of any decision. To date, we have distributed over $70K in total awards, scholarships and aide.

What are the values we look for in our recipients? We look for a combination of:

Putting it all out there
Being a great teammate. Sacrifices for the good of the team & puts the team above themselves
Knowing that the game & the team are “worth it”
Wears their heart on their sleeve.
They shine as an example to their teammates and never forget why they took the field.
Hustles no matter what the score.
Shows sportsmanship and never shows up an opponent or a teammate.
Give 100% without any questions or complaints
Grades need to be respectable. Just that they do their best

We rely on donations to make this thing go year after year. If you are interested in making a donation and/ or inquiring about our Super Bowl Fundraiser, please contact Bob Germano at

Thank you for your support.

Bob Germano

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