Drills Addition: Throwing Harder & More Accurate

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Drills/ Tips: 9/17/20


Throwing Harder & More Accurately


As we enter our new 2020/21 season I think it is important to start sharing good drills/ fundamentals & practices again.  I will attempt to do this weekly but if not, they will be very regular.


I follow Coach Justin and his videos.  I think he has some good stuff at times.  While the title of this is Baseball, do not be fooled.  This translates to softball 100%.


For our older players, this does not go into details and specialized angles or throwing in certain situations, but it is worth watching and taking reminders.


3 Tips:

  1. Mechanics: he discusses here about not opening the front side.  If anyone has ever been at my practices, I am a pain in the you know what on leading with your shoulder and stepping towards your target.  He also references the “L” and long arm from the outfield.  These are basics that I ask our coaches to be mindful of at all times.   You will play as you practice.  Do not subject yourself to making bad throws under pressure in a game because of something you can easily manage and control in warm ups and practices to create the proper muscle memory
  2. Use Your Legs and Core: Arm strength comes from using your body, not your arm & shoulder.  Push off the back leg (remembering #1 above).
  3. Increase Stride Length & Speed:  Couples #’s 1 & 2 above.  This is also incorporated when you extend to long tossing, with the crow hops and stride length.   At the 4:30 mark, watch the separation of hands to get into the throwing position.  Very good.


Bob Germano


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