A Note From Amanda Taylor, Vipers Class Of 2019

I received a call from Amanda Taylor, one of our founding players who will be continuing her career at Bates College in a few weeks.  She asked me how tryouts were going and how the younger kids were coming along.  I explained how the landscape of Club Softball has changed dramatically from when she started and while her mom and I laughed, we all agreed it still comes down to commitment, relationships and having fun.  Here is anote I received from her today, asking that we share it…hope you enjoy!Bob

I was a founding member of Vipers back in 2013 and to see how far my team and the program has come is astounding. I’ve seen first hand the Viper name expand and grow and I’m proud to be a product of the Vipers organization.

Vipers has progressed and become a well-known team and is prominent at the big tournaments and showcases in New England. The organization has grown and so has their knowledge on where to place their members to have success.

Being a member of the first team, there was a lot of room for growth, but my team learned quickly the best places to go help me and my teammates have exposure to potential colleges and universities. Our coaches took the time to ask each girl what schools they were targeting to help place us best. For me, I was all about New England, so we found our way to Connecticut and Massachusetts. But I know for a few other girls targeting PA schools, showcases in PA and New Jersey  benefitted them the most.

Regardless of where we played, our coaches had our back and put us in the best position possible to have a good game and get the attention from a college coach and program we’re interested in.

I am beyond proud to be a product of the Vipers organization and grateful to have had their support throughout middle school, high school, and now college. I am going to the college of my dreams and have achieved exactly what I sought out for with the help of my coaches. Besides having success on the field, I was lucky enough to meet my best friends and form great relationships with friends and coaches.

I can confidently say that Vipers has been my platform and will continue to be my support system as I enter college and continue playing there.

– Amanda Taylor, Class of 2019

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