2023/24 Mission: More For HS But Certainly Applies To All

I am asked often about Showcase events, what fields are we on, what complex will be at, what coaches will be there to see me, etc….  This is my opportunity to turn this around and ask you, the player, to think about the following.  We can do deep dives and write position papers on all these bullet items, however I kept them short to open discussions with your coaches, parents, mentors but most importantly to make sure you absorb the main purpose of our sending this:

WHY would a college coach want to speak with YOU about coming to their program? What is your “WHY” that you want them to recognize?

“WHAT” is it that you do you do better than 95% of players your age in the country?  Not just your high school, county, state or even region.  “What is it/ WHAT ARE THEY”?

  • Hitting:  Do you make consistent, hard contact vs quality pitching?  Do you have competitive at bats?  How is your pitch recognition?  Can you adjust to situational hitting?  Can you get a bunt down?  Can you hit with runners in scoring position?  Can you get the run home from third base?
  • Power:  Do you hit the ball hard?  Can you hit Home Runs in games?  Batting practice and cage work does not count.  Does your presence in the lineup make the batters around you better?  Are you a good overall hitter or one dimensional?


  • Defense:  Do you make the routine plays look routine and make the occasional great play?  Are you reading batter swings?  Are you in the right spots?  Are you tracking the right way?  Are you charging or drifting?  Can you make a backhanded play?  Do you reverse pivot in the outfield?  Can you turn the double play?  Can you pick balls in the dirt?


  • Baserunning:  Do you have speed?  Do you cut bases the right way?  Do you take the extra base when it’s there?  Are you reading the throw/ defense?  Are you taking smart leads?  Are you off and running on pitches in the dirt?  Do you know all the different ways to slide/ pop up?  Are you looking two bases or happy with one?


  • Pitching:  Can you pitch to spots?  Have you mastered / have control of at least 3 different pitches?  Can you throw your pitches to multiple locations?  In any count?  Do you compete up and down the order?   Do you pick up the defense?  How do you react when a play or call does not go your way?  How is your pace?  Can you field your position?


  • Intangibles:  Are you an elite competitor?  Are you a leader by example on the field?  Do you want the ball in the big spot?  Do you want to the at bat with two outs and the tying run on second base?


  • Catching: Can you block the ball consistently and keep runners pinned?  Can you throw down to all bases?  How is your framing?  How do you take throws on tag plays?  How is your hustle?  Can you control your pitcher?  How is your on the field leadership?


  • Coachable:  What do coaches say about you?  Teammates?  Are you the player coaches love having around?  Do coaches look at you to help motivate others?  Do you take instruction and criticism well?  How do you persevere when facing adversity?


  • Work Ethic:  Are you in the gym/ tunnel/ cage working on your game as much as needed?  Do you look to outwork your competitors?  Are you practicing scared?  Do you have the “I want it more than you” approach?

As you enter your few weeks of downtime and start thinking about the 2024 season, you should prepare on how you will answer these with your preparation, play, execution, and attitude.    

Bob Germano


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